A reliable, flexible and efficient partner

From the outset, Olmer has displayed in-depth knowledge of the market and a reliable and quality-focused culture: these strengths represent its distinctive heritage still today. The Streparava family, present and operational, guarantees continuity in management and the achievement of company objectives, with constant attention to innovation and customer satisfaction. With a strongly felt entrepreneurial vision being the founder's starting point, his successors continued in this vein, pursuing every opportunity with a long-term approach and perspective thus facilitating communication, accelerating the decision-making process and helping to satisfy the needs of Customers and Partners in the best possible way.

Olmer's mission

Olmer’s mission is to the be the Partner of reference, recognised in the precision mechanical machining sector for quality, flexibility, punctuality and efficiency. A commitment supported by constant technical and organisational innovation for high-level products, both in terms of design and production. Olmer satisfies every request thanks to an in-depth study on the most suitable ways to simplify the creation of the piece. A synergy in the co-design between the Customers' and Partners' technical departments is essential in order to align the performance specifications with shared needs.