Olmer, specialist in Precision Mechanical Machining

Olmer specialises in mechanical machining as a supplier of original equipment for OEMs in the agricultural, railway, industrial and automotive sectors.

We shape the world!
Olmer's Plus

The strategic guidelines that allow Olmer to offer the Customer excellence in terms of cost, quality, service, breadth of range and added value are:

  • Flexible automation
  • Horizontal integration
  • Industria 4.0
  • Flexible Automation

    Olmer responds to market challenges by adopting flexible automation, industrial and IT technologies, allowing it to adapt its processes quickly as demand varies. This choice gives innovation a competitive edge at the core of the production model. In fact, the company's purpose is to guarantee reduced transformation processing times, lower inventory, greater speed and better performance in terms of flexibility.

    Horizontal Integration

    As part of the company's growth strategy, Olmer focusses on horizontal integration and consolidated partnerships with the major reputed foundries in Italy and abroad. As project manager of the entire value chain, Olmer is responsible for all processing phases, even those complementary to its technological-production chain.

    Industry 4.0

    From the raw material to mechanical processing to quality control and logistics, Olmer's high standards in terms of efficiency and performance are ensured by the presence of Industry 4.0 technologies. These technologies make it possible to connect 90% of the machines to consult data on production, cycle times and variations from the set parameters, in aggregate form and in real time.