Olmer’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Olmer's sense of corporate social responsibility demonstrated over the years is testimony of its commitment to sustainable business conduct, in terms of environment, health and safety, which translates into:

  • Sustainable innovation
  • Company’s Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Sustainable Innovation

    Olmer's sustainable innovation is clearly shown with the production of fully recyclable cast iron, steel and aluminium products.

    The protection and respect of the eco-system in all phases of precision machining and disposal of waste oils are a primary commitment for the company, equally to productivity and economic growth.

    Olmer's sustainable innovation underlies a continuous evolution. Rethinking production processes, creating eco-design solutions and defining new parameters for measuring competitiveness. In this regard, Management's commitment to and constant dialogue with the entire organisation are decisive for guaranteeing the involvement of all employees and increasing their level of maturity and sensitivity towards health and safety and environmental protection of the territory.

    Company’s Code of Ethics

    The Code of Ethics represents a way of being, thinking, producing and living, and is geared towards self-improvement in every activity and better responses to Customers’ and Partners’ needs, thereby rewarding their trust.

    The principles present in the Code of Ethics adopted by the company at the core of its business are:

  • The creation of positive relationships with its Customers, Partners and Workers, who have over the years developed a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to Olmer
  • Ethics in business relationships and in the management of human resources

  • Our social responsibility is also expressed in favour of sustainable development, through the search for processes capable of ensuring a better use of resources and a reduced environmental impact.

    Entrepreneurial foresight, innovative potential, open-mindedness and rigorous conduct: Olmer's success is also an expression of the passion that inspires the people who are part of it, every day.