Mechanical Machining:
Olmer's Production Processes

Thanks to a technologically advanced machinery fleet and an experienced and qualified Team, Olmer is a point of reference for mechanical machining that require the highest standards of precision and reliability.

Our Precision Machining and how we operate

Olmer's company structure allows for:

Rapid Prototyping with 3D Technology
● High number of precision machining
● Strict quality controls and testing

Rapid Prototyping with 3D Technology

Olmer focuses on rapid prototyping as a competitive edge to speed up time-to-market, product industrialization and cost estimates.
The internal technical office, thanks to its many years of experience, operates according to a structured and certified procedure, which includes:

● The prototyping of the product, starting from the Customer's 2D or 3D drawings
● The identification of the systems, of the relative machine parameters and of overall dimensions and strokes
● The design of special tools
Quick cost estimates

The combination of a co-design activity and 3D prototyping allows the following variables to be governed in the name of maximum efficiency:

● Raw materials and geometry
● Time-frame
● Cost
● Aesthetic appearance of the piece
● Optimisation of the production cycle
● Equipment and special tools
● The mechanical processing's repeatability over time

Olmer focuses on rapid prototyping as a competitive edge to speed up time-to-market, product industrialisation and Customer estimates.

Precision Mechanical Machining

Thanks to the use of sophisticated and innovative systems and the expertise of highly qualified personnel, Olmer performs the following precision machining:

● Milling
● Drilling
● Turning
● Lapping
● Broaching
● Balancing
● Brushing
● Hardening and Induction Hardening
● Heat Treatments
● Painting
● Galvanising
● Tapping
● Brazing
● Countersinking
● Boring
● Salt spray anticorrosion test

Quality control and testing

In Olmer, the mechanical quality control and the testing of products are essential steps to ensure product compliance both in relation to the design specifications and to Customers’ requirements.
The measurement process takes place following the highest standards of accuracy, both in the manufacturing phase and on the finished product. Olmer has a dedicated temperature-controlled metrology room equipped with the most advanced systems for high-precision dimensional control.

In more detail, the latest generation Zeiss coordinate measuring machines, equipped with rotating heads with up to 17,000 positions, guarantee maximum reliability and consistency in the survey of the mechanical components’ geometric characteristics, regardless of their position.

Additional elements of excellence in the metrology room are the two anthropomorphic arms, equipped with a FARO laser for 3D scanning of the components in high definition.
The laser scanning technology allows Olmer’s technical team to quickly acquire any shape, to check the quality of the products in real time, and to carry out dimensional testing by comparing the results obtained with the reference 3D CAD models.
The control and testing phases are completed by a wide range of measurements and carried out using instruments such:

● Stereoscopes
● Durometers
● Drying ovens
● Industrial weighers
● Roundness metres
● Altimetres
● Roughness metres

Olmer as Project Manager

Olmer works as the Project Manager of a network of qualified suppliers in a relationship based on the customer and his satisfaction.
Participation in the co-design development of new products, the creation of the most appropriate production technologies and belonging to a shared value chain, make the relationship advantageous for all parties involved.
The Olmer Technical Office coordinates all phases from design to complementary processes such as surface treatments, heat treatments and painting.